The PanelPlace Story

PanelPlace is an online platform that helps users to explore new opportunities and help businesses to grow through gaining new users.

PanelPlace started off by connecting users to market research opportunities, providing a reliable channel for users to access legitimate survey companies worldwide. Today, we have members from over 40 countries, with hundreds of companies partnering with us on our platform! We hope that our platform can act as a bridge between users and businesses, and beneficial products or services can always be brought to the masses in an easy, and trustworthy manner. To us, it is always about bringing a win-win situation for our users and clients.


The Journey Since Inception

Initially, at the request of a survey company, we just started as a pet project to see whether it can help bring more online visitors to their website. Back then, as we carried out our project faithfully, we came to realise that there still hasn't been any well-built, well-known and reputable platform that does what we do; most sites that talked about paid surveys were either scams or misleading, and many people are still unaware of the benefits of doing paid surveys.

Hence, inspired since, to become the very first platform and recognised brand that connects people to rewarding surveys, PanelPlace was established as a company in 2012 to pursue this opportunity. Certainly, there were many ups and downs, such as the lack of funding and manpower from the start; our effort and hard work however, has made who we are and how PanelPlace is today! We started off with a meagre number of only 2 people and now, we are a growing team.

Working With Style

If people aren’t having fun, they seldom produce good work.”
-- David Ogilvy, businessman and “The Father of Advertising”

With an open office and vibrant startup environment, our team of talented and motivated colleagues work very hard every day to help our worldwide users to benefit from various opportunities. Other times, we also chill out while playing PlayStation in the lounge and meeting room, or simply just start munching on the mountain of snacks available to us whenever we felt like it. With the aim of providing great user experience to our users and clients, we are committed to continue enhancing our platform as our commitment to serve you better will always drive us. Building a successful product that people like to use gives us a great sense of satisfaction, and we hope you will benefit from all the opportunites on PanelPlace!

Meet The PanelPlace Team