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Posted by Viva Villapena

Christmas is really over, but as always, it’s full of sweet memories. Last promotion, we received many moving stories and photos shared by our lovely members! Let’s take a look at some of them today!

Jan 04th, 2017
Posted by Viva Villapena

In September, 8904 PanelPlace members did a Survey Taker Type Quiz to find out what type of survey taker they are. These members were in for a treat as they were provided with survey tips on how to maximise their survey earnings. Surprisingly, 50% of the submissions members had the same personality type! Which survey type do you think this 50% belong to? Read on to find out more!

Oct 05th, 2016
Posted by Viva Villapena

Aside from the typical means of active and passive income, saving money is undeniably the other most obvious, and easiest way to go about in this quest to improve your financial circumstances. To bring about such a permanent, positive change in your life, the very first thing you will need in this quest however is the willpower and resolution to be dedicated to your money-saving mission.

May 19th, 2016