10 Successful Tips for Survey Taking

10 Successful Tips for Survey Taking

Dec 30, 2015
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1. Find Out More About How Paid Surveys Work

Start off your survey taking journey by understanding how paid surveys really work. Take time to check out different survey panels and find out how they pay you. Before signing up for each survey panels, take time to understand the terms and conditions to avoid doubts once you start doing surveys.

2. Complete Your Profile Properly

When signing up for survey panels, be sure to fill up your profile page properly because this is where the survey panels or market research companies target their survey invitations. With a more specific profile, you will have higher chances of answering more surveys and earn more rewards.


3. Sign Up for Paid Surveys Actively

There is a variety of survey websites available over the internet. Try to sign up for as many as you can. This will increase the chances of getting more survey invitations or offers. PanelPlace will help you by recommending new legitimate and trusted survey panels available in your country.

4. Check Your Surveys Daily

Survey panels will send you surveys invitations regularly so remember to check them daily! Also, survey panels can send out exclusive offers or limited period promotions in forms email, sms or even through in-apps notification so remember to be on active lookout!


5. Be Proactive and Act fast

Most of the surveys also have quotas control, therefore it is advisable to check and react quickly to the survey invitations. Remember that early birds get the worms!

6. Be Consistent and Committed

Stay committed to this opportunity. Although paid surveys provide us with a convenient and easy way to earn extra income, it still requires commitment and consistent effort. Commit yourself to doing paid surveys daily and you will definitely receive rewards. The more surveys you do the more reward you get!

7. Stay Connected

Always stay connected. Since paid surveys are mostly done online, be sure to have stable internet connection whenever you are logged in. For example, when you are doing surveys on mobile platform, ensure that you have a stable internet connection since weak connection might result in your surveys not being submitted properly and your efffort will go wasted.

8. Don't Give Up Easily

Remember the old saying that patience is a virtue? Well, this is true especially for paid surveys. You might notice that the compensation is a bit low at the start but don’t give up. Doing surveys take time and perseverance but it will definitely be worth the earning. Start by allocating a few minutes of your time then slowly increase it. In a few months, you’ll see your income increase as a result of your hardwork.

9. Keep your expectations realistic

The truth is that you will have to keep your expectations realistic when you start calculating how much income you can receive from paid surveys. After finishing a few surveys, you will be able to estimate how much money you can make in a week. Have a goal of how much you wish to earn from paid surveys. Make this your target and stay focused. Just remember to stay committed and in no time, you’ll get there!

10. Keep track of your earnings

Once you have redeem your rewards, remember to keep track of it constantly. If the survey panels promised to send you rewards through mails and you never receive it, don't hesitate to contact the helpdesk and request for support. Always ensure that your rewards will reach you so that your effort will not be wasted!

PanelPlace wish you all the best in your survey taking journey!


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