5 Popular Paid Surveys Myths Debunked

5 Popular Paid Surveys Myths Debunked

Oct 10, 2016
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Have you ever seen overpromising claims regarding surveys and wonder if it’s true or false? New survey takers bound to have doubts at the initial stage. How can they differentiate truth from a pile of lies? In this article, we will reveal the truth and debunk myths on online paid surveys!


Myth 1: All Paid Survey Sites are Scams


This is partly false. But before you reject the idea of online paid surveys, allow me to explain more. There are definitely survey sites that are NOT scams! There are in fact hundreds of reliable and legitimate survey panels available in the world.


Riding on the success of online paid surveys, scam artists have created websites and pretend to be a survey panel. These scam websites usually require you to pay a certain registration fee or ask sensitive information. These are the things that legitimate survey companies will not do.


There are definitely reliable and legitimate survey panels providing surveys that actually pay! You have to be cautious and check online for reviews to ensure legitimacy of the survey panel.


Myth 2: Paid Surveys need Experienced Survey Takers


That’s absolutely incorrect, everyone is qualified to participate in online survey for cash! There is no such thing as experienced, as survey questions vary, and answers are based on personal opinions and preferences. In fact, survey panels do prefer honest and spontaneous survey takers as companies improve their services and products based on their responses.


Of course, if you are an experienced survey taker, there will definitely be perks too. Seasoned survey takers usually have a proper survey routine, which helps them to maximise their earnings to the fullest.


Here’s a tip: Survey panels do keep track on active and inactive survey takers. It is good to be consistent in completing surveys to build a good reputation with survey panels. Active survey takers are usually given priority for surveys with high pay-outs, and may even get invited to focus groups! One of our loyal members, Andy, shared that he once received $500 for attending a focus group.


Myth 3: You Can Cheat the Survey System


So you think your answers are not monitored? Unfortunately, you are wrong. All online survey responses are reviewed by trained market researchers and intelligent softwares. Acts such as filling up answers at random and inputting dishonest answers can be quickly detected.


Smart survey systems are put in place to facilitate high quality responses. Such acts can get your account banned. I am sure you don’t want that happening, so let’s stick to the rules!


Myth 4: You Can Answer Surveys Within Minutes


Is it true that completing surveys at a fast speed would allow one to earn more? Nope, this logic does not apply here! You are not recommended to complete the surveys without putting in any effort. That is unethical and inappropriate!


As mentioned before, the online paid survey system is smarter than you think it is! Don’t challenge the system because you are at risk of losing your account! All survey openings come with an estimated completion time. If you are short of time, you can choose to complete short surveys. In this case, it’s possible to answer surveys within minutes.


Myth 5: You Can Get Rich Overnight Doing Paid Surveys           


Everyone has a different definition of being rich, but you cannot get rich overnight! If you are already working, it is usually hard to earn as much as your monthly salary. It is more ridiculous to think you can turn into a millionaire overnight!


Most survey takers fill out surveys for money as a way to earn extra income, apart from their regular job. You can probably save the earnings and use it as allowance for your children, pay off bills or even have a nice dinner! It should not be mistaken as a way to replace your regular job.


I hope this post debunked some of the most popular untrue claims that all of us have seen floating around the internet! At the same time, I trust that there are a few takeaways that will help you understand online paid surveys better.


Always do your research online if you are unsure of anything. All the best to your online survey journey! For those who have yet to start, trust me, you will regret not starting earlier!

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