5 Must-Read Tips Before You Start Online Paid Surveys

5 Must-Read Tips Before You Start Online Paid Surveys

Nov 23, 2016
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Are you an experienced survey taker? If you are, have you ever came across some tip that you wished you knew before you started the whole thing? What a pity it’ll be that you did not know them beforehand!

Now, if you haven’t got started in taking surveys, then I hope that won’t ever happen to you! To prep you up, I've brought together 6 crucial tips you must know before you start to do online paid surveys!



1. Know if the survey panel is a SCAM.


Yep, we know that there are many scam companies in the internet who pretend to be paid survey panels, but are actually out to get your money. Fortunately, there are legitimate survey panels too!


To differentiate them, you need to know that legitimate survey sites will never require you to pay to sign up for their surveys and will have a clear company profile and contact details. If you notice that the site offers fast earnings that are too good to be true, it is most likely a scam! Since there are so many survey sites out there, you need to know how to identify the legitimate ones before starting your paid survey journey.


2. Have a reliable internet connection.


I can’t stress enough the importance of having a reliable internet connection! After you signed up, the survey panels will send you invitations regularly, or even limited period promotions and exclusive offers. Therefore you must make sure to have a good internet connect that will not just quit on you.  


Besides, imagine facing a survey loading error when you are halfway through and you have to start from scratch. Worse off, just while you are fixing the connection, the survey quota is met (Many surveys have quota control). You definitely wouldn't want that to happen!


3. Rewards are not overnight.


Many people think that online paid surveys is a way for one to get immediate earnings, but they are quite wrong! Although online paid surveys are convenient enough and useful for those who want quicker rewards and earnings, it still requires a bit of time to receive them.

You need to give the survey panels some time as they might have different procedures to process your participation and rewards. Depending on the survey panel, there might be different cash out minimums or processing time.

Don’t worry, you will definitely receive your hard-earned rewards. Take some time and check out our earning proofs so you have a better idea on how they get the rewards!


4. Doing surveys take time.


Doing surveys require you to spend a reasonable amount of time on them to earn- Of course! It is still work after all. Each survey actually has a designated timeframe, which means that you should not expect to complete a 10 minute survey in 3 minutes. Nothing comes so easily if you do not put in some time and effort.


That being said, you will need to manage your time wisely! Initially, you might find it hard to manage your time. In the sea of survey panels, you are likely to be overwhelmed or spend too much time trying to sieving through. If you are not sure which panel's surveys work best for you, you can start by signing up to a few panels first and see which you prefer. Then drop those that don't, and start the experiment over again by picking other panels. You will soon have a list of sites that works best for you, and be able to manage your time better!


You can check out our interview with Andy, one of our long-time PanelPlace member, as he shares with us how he manages his time for online surveys!


5. Your account might get suspended if you do not answer truthfully.


I know there’s always the temptation to give throw random answers to finish surveys ASAP so you can move on. The truth is, survey panels know if you are giving random and thoughtless answers. The time invested in the survey is also a factor they can track, so if they doubt your credibility, they will ban your account. Yes, I’m not kidding, they will!

Therefore be honest in your answers- this works well for both parties as they are genuinely seeking feedback, and your responses can affect future product and services!


Now, you are all prepared for your journey into paid surveys. There will be no regrets of not knowing these tips beforehand. I wish you a fruitful voyage in online paid surveys!

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