PanelPlace Says Hi: Carina

PanelPlace Says Hi: Carina

Aug 15, 2016
Online Paid Surveys

Hi everyone, we are back with another PanelPlace member feature! If you guys remember, this is part of our new initiative to thank members for their love and support throughout the years.

In our first feature we invited Wan Lin to share her experience doing paid surveys and some insights on how to earn from them. If you enjoyed those articles, you will most likely love this one too!

For our 3rd member feature, we have Carina, who has been with us since 2011 and is also a SurveyEx subscriber! She is one of our longtime loyal members from Australia, and we are so glad that she’s sharing her paid survey experience with everyone!


Carina's Insights on Paid Surveys 


  1. Hi Carina, could you give us an introduction of yourself?

Hi, my name is Carina Chan, and I bake vegetarian cakes from home. My hobby is sewing and experimenting with different cake decoration ideas! I am Finnish, but was born in Sweden. My husband on the other hand, is Chinese and was born in Malaysia. Lovely Denmark was where my kids were born. Over the years, we have lived in Sweden, Denmark, Malaysia and New Zealand. It was truly a great experience being able to immerse myself in so many different cultures. I now live in Australia, but my friends are scattered all over the world. It’s pretty cool.

  1. How often do you do surveys?

I love doing surveys, and I complete some almost every day. Depending on how much free time I have, I typically do surveys a few times throughout the day.

  1.  What is your favorite Survey Panel and why?

Pure profile is my favorite survey panel so far. They have interesting surveys, with good payouts. You get compensations even if you’re screened out of the survey!

  1.  Are there any particular survey topics you enjoy doing the most?

I love it when I complete surveys on a new product and the company sends me samples to try them out! They usually invite me for another survey after – that’s always nice!

  1. Could you name a few of the most interesting or unexpected questions you have gotten from a survey? What was your reaction?

I cannot think of any.. but there are too many personal questions. After completing so many surveys, I got used to the questions.

  1.  Could you share with us your PanelPlace story?

I’ve been a member for a few years, but I did not use PanelPlace as much in the beginning. I joined the platform because I loved the idea that you could save all your survey invitations and information in one place.

  1. Have you had any reservations about paid surveys before joining us? Has your thinking changed since?

wouldn’t say it's a reservation about paid surveys, but when I first started to work from home, the earnings were coming in pretty slowly, so I had my doubts. But when I tried to be more organized with my survey opportunities, things started to pick up. I like to do surveys now!

  1. What do you think about paid surveys?

I do surveys to earn a little extra cash, but I must say, I’ve learnt so much from doing them! It’s a good way to earn extra, have fun and learn some new things. It’s nice knowing that you have a say in how a consumer product turns out, for instance. In short, I like paid surveys and will usually refer the good surveys to my friends, so they can see results fast. If you guys would like some paid survey tips from me, I’d advise you to sign up with PanelPlace so you can get your survey opportunities all nicely organized. To go more into the specifics, you should always fill up your detailed profile for each survey panel you join. This will help the survey panel better customize survey invitations to you so the chances of you qualifying for the survey is higher. Also, you shouldn’t cheat on surveys – it doesn’t help you. Be honest and you will get more surveys.

  1. What was the biggest problem you faced when doing paid surveys for multiple survey panels?

When I did surveys for multiple panels in the beginning, my mistake was to blindly do all of them. Because of this, my points/rewards were scattered all over and I failed to meet the minimum cashouts for my survey panels, despite having completed many surveys. I did not see any rewards coming in. Having learnt my lesson, I started to keep track of my earnings/points and finished all surveys from a panel before doing another one, making sure I accumulate enough to hit the minimum payout.

  1. What would you tell people who are considering doing Paid Surveys?

It takes some time for the earnings to build up, but don’t lose hope. Resist the urge to sign up with too many survey panels at the beginning. Start with a few and concentrate on complete survey invitations from them - you can always join more later!

  1. Is there anything else you would like to say to the PanelPlace community or team?

Thank you for creating PanelPlace! It is such a good idea and you guys are making it better and better.


Thank you for being so spontaneous Carina! The PanelPlace team truly enjoyed reading your answers, and we hope everyone else did too. There are definitely some useful tips worth taking note of; for instance, to check the minimum cashout amount required by your survey panels in order to earn rewards effectively! Don't forget to check out Andy's routine and tips on paid surveys, which he has kindly shared with us!

That’s all we have for now, but do stay tuned for more member features!

Till the next time,

The PanelPlace team

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