Night Owl or Early Bird: Which team are you on?

Night Owl or Early Bird: Which team are you on?

Aug 23, 2016
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It's never late to find out which sleeping personality you belong to! Have you ever considered yourself as a night owl or early bird… or both? Your sleeping habits tell you a lot about yourself – the good and bad. Incredibly, findings have shown that sleeping habits are somehow hardwired by your DNA!


Generally, a night owl is someone who stays up late and have problems waking up in the morning. On the other hand, an early bird sleeps early and wakes up enthusiastically every morning! We have a compiled the findings of various market research... and there you go - the truths regarding early birds and night owls!


1.                Early Birds Are Not Healthier, Richer or Wiser

I believe you have heard of Ben Franklin's well-known quote: "Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise". What do you think about this quote? Two researchers have conducted a research to disprove this saying. Just as they wished, the results show no major differences in health, intelligence or wealth between the two sleeping personalities!


However, Team Night Owl might be slightly smarter. Yeah owl, you've read it right! Psychologist Richard D. Roberts of the University of Sydney and Patrick C. Kyllonen of the Air Force Research Lab conducted a research focusing on the brain works of the two personalities.


Intelligence tests were conducted and it seems that Team Night Owl outscored morning birds in the segment of working memory and processing speed. Differences are not extreme but it seems that owls are indeed wise creatures!


2.                Night Owls Are Better Baseball Players

You may have a talent you don't even know about! 16 Major League Baseball players, consisting of both sleeping personalities, were put to a test. Overall, both sleeping personalities played better in their thriving times. When Team Night Owl played in night games, they hit nearly 30 points higher than Team Early Bird that played baseball in the day. Wow, incredible!



3.                Night Owls Are More Susceptible to Bad Habits

Multiple studies have shown that owls are prone to bad habits such as smoking and drinking. That's not exactly surprising since these activities are more conducive during nightlife! Two separate researches proved this statement to be accurate!


Finnish twin cohort discovered that night owls are likely to be current or lifelong smokers, while another study found that night owls have a higher tendency of substance abuse. Uh oh, that's not exactly a good news..


4.                Early Birds Are Role Models in a Workplace

According to multiple studies, the night owls belong to the "novelty-seeking" personality trait. Randler and Heidelberg discovered a connection between night owls and novelty-seeking trait among German teenagers. Following, it was also noted that early birds scored higher than owls with regards to determination and cooperation.


According to Randler's personality work, early birds are more agreeable, conscientious and proactive as compared to the night owls. Sounds like early birds are someone you would love to worth with, huh?


5.                Night Owls are procrastinators

A research held in 1997 by Joseph Ferrari of DePaul discovered that night owls procrastinate more than early birds. Procrastinators usually label themselves as "night" people – they really have a high tendency to participate in evening activities! Talk about not missing out on anything fun.


Based on six days of daily task records, night owls preferred to avoid tasks at hand until night, which may not be desirable for daytime work expectations.


6.                Early Birds Are Happy Birds

Life is indeed harder for the night owls, as they force themselves out of bed during the day, resulting in sleep loss and emotional distress. Social scientists frequently refer this as a "social jetlag" by social scientists.


In a 2012 study conducted by two University of Toronto psychologists, findings show that early birds are generally happier and have higher satisfaction with their lives. They are positive even when faced with challenges. No wonder you hear birds chirping every morning happily!


7.                Both Teams Work Better on Their off Hours

In a 2011 study conducted by MareikeWieth and Rose Zacks participants were required to solve a mixture of analytical, logical thinking and insight problems. Results show that both personality types perform better at their non-optimal time of the day.


Not only on performance, off time may also allow creative juices to flow better! Recent studies and author, Ron Friedman, suggest that a fatigue mind may allow one to focus by filtering out unassociated ideas and increase creative capacity.




Although your sleeping personality may bring certain inconveniences to your life.. don't ever blame yourself and embrace it! There are minor adjustments you can make to thrive in your own workplace if necessary. I hope you enjoyed this post and understand yourself more than before!


Take a break from online survey and let us know if these traits are true!


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