A PanelPlace Story: Andy’s Routine & Tips for Paid Surveys

A PanelPlace Story: Andy’s Routine & Tips for Paid Surveys

Jul 27, 2016
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Bet y’all have been waiting for this: our very next member feature! Not everyday that such a godsend arrives, to be honest, but needless to say: it’s extremely useful when it does.

With the emergence of the Internet, along with Google and all that; people often want to find out more about a product or service through reviews, or really just hear about the user experience of another user themselves. Being consumers ourselves, we know, and completely understand these sentiments of yours; which is why we have specially invited Andy here with us!

One of our loyal and longtime PanelPlace members, Andy here is a dedicated survey taker and a SurveyEx subscriber! We are really glad to have him share his experience here with everyone today, and in particular, he will be talking more about his survey taking routine, while also giving some tips that he personally finds helpful, when participating in online paid surveys. Sounds interesting hmm? Without further ado then, let’s give it away for Andy!

A PanelPlace Story: Andy’s Routine & Tips for Paid Surveys

AndyHi everyone, my name is Andy, and I’m working as an IT executive. Naturally, my area of interest lies in the technology industry, and for me, paid surveys is something that I’ve discovered while I was looking for some means to maximize my free time, and earn some money online. After successfully claiming and receiving a check from an online survey panel, I was definitely amazed and hooked on this new and exciting endeavor. This event marked the very beginning of my survey-taking journey, and a new source of income for myself.

I really enjoy doing paid surveys, and it’s not so much of the money that makes me enjoy doing them, but what I manage to learn out of it. Doing surveys gives you the benefit of knowing about new products and services in the market, and you will always be amongst the first consumers to try the product before they are released. Personally, I have experienced a few survey sites that will let you answer a preliminary survey before entering a group discussion later. While this is seemingly ordinary, I guess what’s most noteworthy for everybody will be the maximum figure I have received for a group discussion: $500. Along with the entire experience, that is vastly different from what you will expect of paid surveys; I think this is enough for me to say that doing paid surveys is really worth your time.

Effective Routines and Strategies:

Regarding my survey taking routine, I guess I spend about roughly 8 hours or so every week doing paid surveys. Although I receive many survey invitations, it’s not likely that you will qualify for every single one of them, so I don’t actually spend that much time answering them all. To be frank, it is really helpful if you have a regular survey taking routine, as it will help you to keep track of all your available surveys. For example, I check my mail every morning after arriving in my office. While I do this to get a clear idea of what’s new at work, I also manage to get a sense of all the available surveys I can do throughout the day. If I am waiting to meet anybody or just have some free time right there and then, I will choose to spend my time wisely by answering the surveys that are available to me.

Do take note of the expiration dates of your survey invitations however, and make use of the filters in the SurveyEx tool by PanelPlace, to take the shorter surveys first and the longer surveys at home. Typically, short surveys expire earlier than the longer ones, but this also depends on the survey panels themselves. Survey invitations from panels that give higher rewards and are more renowned, will usually expire more quickly (e.g. GTM, Toluna and Opinion World).

“It is really helpful if you have a regular survey taking routine.”

For myself, while I can’t figure out how much I get from each survey panel respectively, I know for a fact that I can earn as much as $200 to $250 easily per month. This does not include the earnings from the focus group discussions I have mentioned earlier, so do keep in mind that doing online paid surveys can be a highly lucrative activity, which I will encourage everybody to try out some time. It is really possible for one to earn from online paid surveys.

For each survey panel, I think it takes about a month for me to earn enough points for claiming, but as long as you redeem them after you hit the minimum points required; you can be seeing rewards from all your survey panels constantly rolling into your account. This is because survey panels all need time to credit your deserved rewards to you, and assuming that you have a regular survey taking routine like me; with all factors considered, this is likely to happen for you as it did for me. Do make sure that you have a PayPal account however, as this is a popular means which many survey panels may use to transfer your rewards to you.

Some Parting Tips

For all those of you who are new, and know almost nothing of paid surveys, my advice to you will be to take it easy. This is an activity that requires a lot of determination and perseverance to pay off, and I do feel sleepy and tired when doing some of the surveys from time to time. I figured though, that there is probably no other place in the world for someone to reward you, just by your answering of questions regarding their products, so I do try to keep all of this in mind and encourage myself to push on every time. It is completely fine to take your time while at it though (:. The SurveyEx tool by PanelPlace is probably the best automated tool I have seen of now for me to manage my paid surveys, but you can also choose to create another email that is especially for you to manage all of your survey invitations. Hope that my sharing of my experiences and insights in doing paid surveys will be useful to you, and good luck to all your survey taking endeavors!

Yes, thank you Andy; you’ve certainly provided some good food for thought for all of the PanelPlace team and community! We truly appreciate the effort you have put into sharing with us, and we know that many of our other members will benefit through your experiences and the tips detailed here in this post. For those of you who are new, and are considering online paid surveys as an extra means of income, remember that you can always sign up with us here at PanelPlace and start your very own successful survey-taking journey (like Andy here) with us now!

We hope you have enjoyed our series of member features so far, and that’s all we have for now! Do keep an eye out for our blog posts every week; you’ll never know when you’ll find gold. ;)


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