Why is PayPal Useful When Doing Online Paid Surveys?

Why is PayPal Useful When Doing Online Paid Surveys?

Jul 29, 2016
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Love rewards? Of course we all do; especially when it involves money! Now, for those of you who are taking, or considering online paid surveys for money, the article this time will be extremely useful to you! To help y’all better earn through online paid surveys, here’s an article by us detailing the usefulness of PayPal; and why you should use them when doing paid surveys!

There is a wide range of rewards one can receive through online paid surveys. From vouchers to gift cards, cash and a plethora of other rewards, survey takers will usually receive cash payouts through checks or PayPal.

And here’s the cool part! Be it at PanelPlace, or any other survey site, we know, that a chief motivation for everyone here is to earn money from surveys. PayPal is thus something we would really recommend y’all to use! To make things simple, here are the 4 major reasons we’ve compiled for you guys to understand, why is PayPal useful when doing online paid surveys:

1.     Easy to use

Unless you have been living in a cave for last two decades or so, you will have heard of PayPal. Everyone uses it, for their online shopping and etc., and of course, when earning some extra income through paid surveys. Just input your credit or debit card details into your account, and you’re good to go! Compared to a check, which you have to go all the way to the bank to bank in; PayPal is so much easier to use and undoubtedly more efficient. Makes life so much easier eh?

2.     Safe and secure

If you’re one of those people who’ve been warned about online scams and frauds countless times by your parents (or one of those people that just can’t figure how to use a computer for nuts); rest assured. PayPal is a safe and secure way you can use to manage all your online transactions. All your credit card or bank account details are kept confidential, and they are just a system, and medium that facilitates all your online dealings. That’s why so many people use them anyway.

3.     Keeping track

Of course, you want to be able to see all the money rolling into your bank account right? If your answer is yes (and it should be a yes), use PayPal for it’s much easier to manage and keep track of your paid survey rewards here! After signing in and clicking on the “Activity” tab, you can view all your online dealings in a page, from which a particular time period will be reflected. Information of the opposite party (i.e. an online survey panel, in the case that you are receiving a cash payout from them) will be provided as well, and you can use this to make sure that you are really given and credited all your deserved rewards! Not to mention how satisfying it is to see a record of all the money you have earned so far in a page.

4.     Your rewards

And last but not least, your rewards. (Almost) all legitimate survey panels out there use PayPal to transfer cash rewards to survey takers, and things will get a little more troublesome (or annoying) if you don’t use the online payment system. For example, if you prefer using checks, you’ll probably have to wait a little longer for the check to arrive, and bank it in later.Want to access your money a little earlier? Use PayPal.

Today, online survey panels that pay through PayPal include major ones like GfK, Global Test Market, Toluna and etc.! To make your life a little easier, why not consider signing up with PayPal (if you have not done so already)? Once again, if you’re a likeminded soul who’s thinking about making money online like us, do consider paid surveys as an option for you! We hope you’ve enjoyed and learned a little something through this article, and we wish you all the best in your survey taking endeavours. (:


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