Let’s Talk PanelPlace: “Would You Rather” Dilemma

Let’s Talk PanelPlace: “Would You Rather” Dilemma

Nov 14, 2016
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Hi all, we hope you had a spooktacular Halloween!


Last month, PanelPlace Team did a Halloween edition of “Would You Rather” to spook our members out! The PanelPlace Team was definitely spooked from reading your horror encounters - can’t believe that actually happened to you! We really had fun reading, as we actually got to know the members a little bit more. We also noticed that some ghostly encounters are actually common, we are not the only one that experienced this!


Out of the 5052 submissions, we received mixed reactions from our members, with most of you saying that the quiz was a rather horrifying one! We apologize for that but wait, what’s halloween without the creeps, yes?


Let’s go through the “Would You Rather” quiz together, and find out what most of you would rather do, if you were caught in these situations (I hope not!).




58% of PanelPlace members would rather see creepy things in real life once in awhile, whereas 42% prefer having terrifying nightmares every night. Which is really better? We really have no answer to that. However, the PanelPlace Team definitely agrees with the majority as beauty sleep is important to us!





On a dark and silent night, 41% chose to walk through a graveyard in the middle of the night, whereas the remaining 59% chose to spend a night in an abandoned house with a friend. Well, at least you are not alone, and have your trusty old friend by your side. Definitely a good choice!





Do you ever want to know how and when you are going to die? Maybe not. When you are left with no choice, it seems that 61% of you rather know when you are going to die! 39% of the PanelPlace members decided to find out how they are going to die instead. Knowing any of the two wouldn’t help you live a little longer.. But at least you are mentally prepared!





When you are hungry and left with no choice, would you rather drink blood soup or eat the human heart? It seems that 76% of you are thirsty for some blood…. And 24% of you are pretty adventurous to try some human heart!





That’s close and indeed a really hard choice…. it’s a tie at the PanelPlace Team too! Here’s what the PanelPlace members chose: 51% of you would rather eat a bar of soap, and 49% would rather drink a bottle of shampoo! Is it time to munch that bar of soap away..?


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Smart move! Along with 61% of you, the PanelPlace Team feels that consuming liquified maggots would definitely be a better choice, than being a part of real-life human centipede. If you haven’t heard of Human Centipede, you should try reading up on it. You can try watching the movie if you have the courage to - we definitely don’t!





Ouch, the thought of having to go through either one of the options kill me! It seems that all of you were in the ultimate denial... a close fight there! Here's the results - 53% of PanelPlace members preferred getting stabbed profusely, rather than getting your fingers chopped off. That’s a clever move, fingers are so important when it comes to doing online paid surveys! :D





Just another ouch and tough question! After a serious discussion, the Team PanelPlace decided with the majority, and will go ahead with pulling our teeth out one by one with a wrench. We decided that our eyes are too important! At least we can use our paid surveys earnings to get some dentures done, haha!





Wow, the difference is huge! 77% of the PanelPlace members would rather sleep in a coffin for a night. The remaining 23% think otherwise and prefer sleeping with a dead corpse! Who knows, coffin may be a better choice to catch up on your much needed beauty sleep!






It isn’t a bad thing to be hairy, but it may get disruptive when it appears at weird places! For this case, you won’t feel or taste things the same like before… It is definitely a ultimate denial for the PanelPlace Team! However, it doesn’t seem like the case for PanelPlace members. 83% of you decided to have a hairy palm instead. Food is definitely more important, isn’t it?





Wow, most of the questions are actually not for the fainthearted! Hope you found this quiz really thrilling! Ready for more? Do you remember sharing your spooky real life encounter with us the previous time?


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For the meantime, protect yourself from the spooks! Stay safe and lock yourself at home… for all you know, you might earn more than your usual paid survey earnings!


Till the next time,

The PanelPlace Team

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