Let’s Talk PanelPlace: Your Favourite Paid Survey Tips!

Let’s Talk PanelPlace: Your Favourite Paid Survey Tips!

Jul 19, 2016
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And here’s a title that may catch your interest! Now, if you remember our last month’s monthly promotion, “Share Your Paid Survey Tips”, that’s great; because this is an update regarding the promotion, along with a special treat from us (which y’all will find really useful)!

Just to refresh your memory for a bit: for our June promotion last month, we got you to share with us some of the best tips and advice you have while doing online paid surveys! Over 4000 of you responded this time (that’s an increase!), and we have read through every, single one of those amazing, genius suggestions you have shared with us.

Hence, in return for all the effort you have put into your answers, and for all your unwavering loyalty towards PanelPlace; here’s a special treat from us: an all-new blog post with a compiled list of online paid survey tips that we (and you yourself) feel are most important to keep in mind! Looking at all the interesting findings we have made from your enthusiastic responses, it seemed to be too much of a waste to not share those incredible tips here with all of you, who are looking to make money online with paid surveys! Whether you are a seasoned survey-taker, or just someone interested in earning some extra income with online paid surveys, the list of tips below can be very useful to you in your survey-taking journey.

Without further ado then, let’s quickly run through some of the best online paid survey tips we have in line for you!

Got some free time? Use it to do paid surveys and earn rewards. Let's Do it!


Online Paid Survey Tips:




1.     Checking your email regularly.


This is a very important tip to take note of! As you sign up with different online survey panels, you will begin to receive invitations from them to participate in different surveys. Since these surveys will each expire after a certain period of time respectively, it is crucial for you to keep track of these invitations (or you may really miss out on earning some lucrative rewards!). The only way for you to do this is by checking your email regularly, and we also recommend you to create a separate folder (or email even) for your survey taking endeavours!


2.     Be honest and truthful in your survey responses.


Or you might get banned. Seriously. Anyway, this is supposed to be a win-win situation for both you and the online survey panels you participate in, so do yourselves a favour by being only honest and truthful in your survey responses!


3.     Make sure the site is legitimate; you don’t need to pay using survey sites!


All legitimate online paid survey sites (like PanelPlace) are free for everyone to use. Make sure that you don't pay to sign-up for any “survey site” you chance upon online (it’s a scam!)!


4.     Update your profile regularly.


With this step, survey panels can then better identify you as the demographic they need, and you can receive more surveys relevant to you (and potentially more rewards)!


5.     Be patient & consistent!


Earning through online paid surveys is an endeavour that requires patience and consistency on your part. While you may not be able to receive your rewards and see returns immediately, be assured that your earnings will definitely be issued to you with time! Just be sure to give your survey panels some time to process your participation in the surveys and send you those rewards.


Setting up and sticking to a survey-taking routine will be useful as well, since it takes perseverance and determination for one to really earn from online paid surveys! Meanwhile, do check out the earning proofs page if you are not sure whether you will be able to receive rewards from doing online paid surveys; these are all uploaded and provided by our very own members!


6.     Have fun while doing it!


Here comes one of the most important points that not just you, but the PanelPlace team would like to stress on as well! Have fun while participating in surveys; this is supposed to be a stress-free activity whereby you can also earn some extra income at the same time! Use this as stress relief, and be as creative with your responses as possible; we hope this will be an enjoyable pastime for all of you guys!


7.     Have faith and try at least once; you might have unexpected returns!


Take a leap of faith. While this may be really somewhat new and out of your comfort zone, and some of you may even be sceptical about the legitimacy of online paid surveys; a lot of PanelPlace members are the same way initially too! But the fact remains: many people have earned through their participation in online paid surveys, and you may be very next one to do so, if you so wish!


And that’s all we have for now! Hope you guys enjoyed the revamp of the original online paid survey tips we have, with your very own input taken into account this time! On the other hand, it seems that a number of you don’t have any tips or advice to share, because you haven’t really participated or understood how PanelPlace worked all that much! In that case, fret not; just check out our new How It Works page for more details! Don’t forget to see what we have in store for you in our monthly promotion for July as well (it’s a really interesting game we designed this time), and keep the responses going! We hope you all benefit from this compiled list of online survey tips, and press on in your survey-taking journey! (:




Till the next time,


The PanelPlace Team


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