Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does PanelPlace work? PanelPlace helps to find new opportunities for you to explore. You will be able to see personalized opportunities in your account and new opportunities are constantly added for you!!

  2. Is PanelPlace a Survey Panel? PanelPlace is not a Survey Company/Panel and does not send out survey. Surveys and rewards comes directly from the survey companies that we recommended to you. When you are in your PanelPlace account, you could see various opportunities from survey companies, register with the one that you are interested in and start earning from doing paid surveys.
  3. Do I have to pay anything? Absolutely not! It is Free to join PanelPlace!
  4. How do I earn money by doing surveys? After you have completed a survey, points/credits will be credited into your survey panel account. Once you have accumulated the minimum redemption threshold of the respective survey panel, you can request for a redemption directly with the survey panels. Different survey panels have different reward programs. Please kindly check and contact the survey panels directly if you have any account or payment issue.
  5. When will I receive surveys if I join a survey company? Once you have registered an account with the survey companies, do remember to activate and update your account profile as survey companies will use the information given to send surveys invitation emails. Check your spam/ junk folder in case it is being sent there. If you did not receive a survey within a week, you could contact the survey panel directly to check on your account.
  6. Why do I need a PayPal account? I don't have a PayPal account. What should I do? PayPal is an easy and secure way to start accepting payment online. PayPal rewards option is also supported by most of the survey panels. You could open a free PayPal account on to connect to your bank account, debit or credit card.For more information, kindly visit their help desk or contact their support directly.
  7. I forgot my password. How do I reset my password? Please make use of the 'Forgot Password' function on the login page or simply visit this link to request for a reset of password.
  8. How do I update my advance profile completely? Do make sure all fields under Advance Profile are filled and click save changes to update your information. If you are still unable to complete the profile, contact our support and request a check on your account.
  9. I wish to unsubscribe my account. What should I do? We are sad to hear that, but members are free to unsubscribe their account any time. Login to your PanelPlace account and click on 'Subscription' under your 'Profile' menu. Un-tick accordingly and click 'Confirm' to unsubscribe your account.
  10. My country is not in the list during registration? What should I do? Thank you for your interest in joining PanelPlace. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept your membership at the moment as our service hasn't extended to your country yet. If you know of any good opportunity in your country, we encourage you to inform us at so we could include it in PanelPlace.
  11. I did not receive payment/ rewards from doing surveys. What should I do? Payment/ rewards are sent directly by the survey panel companies. You could contact the survey panel companies to request a update on your payment/ reward status. Do allow some time as stated by the survey panels on the duration needed to receive payment/ rewards after redemption.
  12. I wish to change some information in my profile. What should I do? Simply visit your profile page in your account and remember to save changes after you updated. For information that are not editable, kindly contact our Support and we will update your account accordingly.

For more information, visit our help desk at